About Us

The SmileCare Denture Team

Our focus is on delivering quality, custom made dentures using the latest techniques to ensure your satisfaction and comfort. All the staff at Smile Care Denture Clinic closely follow infection control procedures in the Australian Standard of Infection Control Guidelines. If you care about your dentures and value their comfort, Smile Care Denture Clinic is your natural choice. Here's why...

Neil Boyd - Dental Prosthetist

Neil qualified as a dental technician in 1975, building his experience over many years then studied at the Melbourne Dental Hospital in 1982, to become a qualified Dental Prosthetist.

He has since extended his qualifications enabling him to fit Partial Dentures as well as Implant Overdentures and is recognised as highly skilled in the Precision Equilibrated Denture Techniques.

Neil is very particular when it comes to applying quality and hygiene at his clinic.

To further his knowledge he has since been to the Ivoclar Vivadent training centre in Lichtenstein, CanDec training centre in Canada, Milwaukee and SanDiago for training on Temporo Mandibular Joint function/dysfunction, Ulm Germany to study the Staub Cranial technique, Queensland to learn the latest CQR denture technique and Japan in 2016 to be trained by Dr.Jiro Abe in the Mandibular Suction Effect technique.

Neil has also lectured and demonstrated to his peers around Australia and New Zealand. Experience is very important when it comes to dentures, so with more than 46 years technical and 35 years clinical experience, Neil is highly qualified to assist with your denture needs.

In 2015, Smilecare Denture Clinic relocated from 55 Ryrie Street after 30 years, to it's convenient new location at 217 Pakington Street Geelong West.

Kurt Boyd - Dental Prosthetist

Kurt Boyd started his Diploma of Dental Technology in 2003 at a local Commercial Dental Laboratory, which gave him a wealth of knowledge and skill in all aspects of Dental technology. He completed his Diploma in June 2006 and has been working for us since that date.

Kurt went on to complete his Diploma of Dental Prosthetics at RMIT University in September 2008, qualifying with an outstanding level of knowledge and competence.

Kurt has gained a great amount of clinical skills since graduating as a Dental Prosthetist, from many years of experience and further education.