Precision Dentures


Our Precision Denture System can restore your natural smile, give you more attractive lips and better facial support and provide denture stability and comfort.

Denture wearers are now looking for a better fit, function and appearance. They should only need a good set of Precision Dentures rather than a cheap set of copy dentures.

Denture Stability

With the use of the Universal Transferbow System (Face Bow), we can transfer the position of your upper jaw to the Stratos 300 fully adjustable articulator, ready for the precise setting of the teeth.

The Stratos 300 Articulator allows us to simulate your jaw movement as accurately as possible. It greatly improves function by duplicating the movement of the jaw to the right, left and forward as well as the normal centre position. This in turn means when you bite off centre, the teeth are evenly balanced both sides.

These movements determine the setting of your teeth so they are more stable and comfortable than budget dentures made on a hinge.

Accurate Impression Taking

Every mouth and jaw is different, like a fingerprint no two are alike. We use an accurate multiple impression process to provide the best foundation for your dentures - including polyvinylsiloxane material, which reproduces detail of your tissue surface very accurately.

Lower Jaw Position

To achieve an accurate position of your jaw while chewing, we use a technique called Gothic Arch (pin) Tracing. We've designed the “Oztracer“ allowing us to record the position of your lower jaw in relation to your upper jaw, critically important for function.

The Face Bow

Using our specialised equipment, we transfer your upper jaw position via a Face Bow. This enables us to duplicate the upper jaw position and place your artificial teeth much more accurately to suit your specific alignment.

Premium Quality Teeth

The teeth we place on our dentures are anatomical (reproducing the natural shapes, form and cusps) and are made from premium quality materials, using the latest technology. This gives a more realistic look to your Dentures, rather than the artificial look of lesser quality teeth. More on Quality Teeth

Digestion Starts in the Mouth

You should be able to chew your food more efficiently. The smaller you chew your food before swallowing the easier it is absorbed, requiring less acid to break it down. This will generally improve your digestion.

Efficient digestion is the key to good health, as all nutrients are absorbed through the stomach for proper body function.

Restoring Your Smile

Using our precision equipment, techniques and training, the positioning of the teeth are as close to where your natural teeth would be if you still had them.

The teeth are placed according to anatomical landmarks, allowing for gum loss over time and facial support required to restore the correct height to your face, while also supporting the upper lip. Your profile is improved, reducing the protrusion of the chin, and the appearance of premature ageing.